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WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities June 2014

WordPress logoOur friends at Wordfence have told us about several WordPress plugins that have security vulnerabilities. If you have any of the following plugins installed on your WordPress site, you should take immediate action:

  • All In One SEO Pack
  • Participants Database plugin
  • WP-CopySafe-Web plugin
  • WP-CopySafe-PDF plugin

In addition, remember to keep all your plugins and WordPress itself up to date to prevent hackers from exploiting security vulnerabilities from out of date software on your site.  Please give us a call at 434-882-7638 if you have any concerns or questions about the security of your website.

All In One SEO Pack

A vulnerability has been found in the popular All In One SEO Pack plugin.  The vulnerability lets a non-privileged user either modify SEO data in posts or inject javascript into an administrators panel to execute malicious code.  The plugin author has already released a fix, so upgrade this plugin to version 2.1.6 (or greater).

Participants Database plugin

There is a vulnerability in the Participants Database WordPress plugin that allows remote users to create a WordPress user with administrative privileges on your website.

The vendor has fixed the issue, so upgrade immediately to version if you are using this plugin.

The specific vulnerability is an SQL injection and access bypass vulnerability. From the exploit details on Exploit Database:

  1. Due to insufficient privilege checks it is possible for anonymous (unauthenticated) users to trigger some administrative actions if any of the shortcodes is used (e.g. signup page).
  2. The action “export CSV” takes a parameter called “query” that can contain an arbitrary SQL query. This means that an unauthenticated user can execute arbitrary SQL statements (e.g. create an admin user, read or write files, or execute code depending on the MySQL user privileges).

Upgrade to version of the plugin to secure your site.

WP-CopySafe-Web and WP-CopySafe-PDF

WP-CopySafe-Web and WP-CopySafe-PDF plugins have a serious Zero Day shell upload vulnerability. Scripts that exploit this vulnerability are being sold on hacker sites and first appeared 3 days ago. Having either plugin installed in your WordPress site will allow anyone, registered or not, to upload arbitrary files to your WordPress site. This allows a hacker to upload a PHP shell to exploit your system. You can read more about these vulnerabilities is on the Wordfence blog.

If you are running either of these plugins, immediately disable and uninstall both plugins.  The plugins have been temporarily removed from the WordPress repository until the author fixes the issue. Please uninstall them until the author releases a fix.

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