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Wordfence Security Fix

Wordfence Security Fix

Of course, we can’t go a month without mentioning some security vulnerability or the other.  This time it’s a security plugin that is causing a problem!

On June 24, 2014, Wordfence released version 5.1.4 of their popular WordPress security plugin. It fixes a security vulnerability found in Wordfence version 5.1.2 and older.  If you are running Wordfence on your WordPress website, you should update this plugin immediately. You can find details about this issue on the Wordfence blog.

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New Wordfence Feature – Auto Updates

Wordfence also added a great new feature in version 1.5.4 – Auto updates for Wordfence! This is a great time saver for WordPress administrators, since the plugin can update itself automatically.  So be sure to check the box next to the option to “Update Wordfence automatically when a new version is released” under the Wordfence Basic Options in your WordPress dashboard, because the the new feature is not enabled by default.

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Select Checkbox to enable automatic updates

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